Security tops CIO worries: CSO Online


Ann Bednarz of NetworkWorld has written an interesting article for CSO Online speaking to how security tops the CIO list of things to worry about, how it is affecting IT budgets…and the turnover within the information security industry.

From the article –

A key theme of the research is the need for speed — how IT groups are under pressure to keep pace with the business and deliver new technologies faster. “The business is changing, technology is changing, the pace of change is increasing, and IT is changing in order to keep up with it,” says Leon Kappelman, lead researcher for SIM’s annual poll of IT professionals.

Ranked from 1-5, organizations’ five largest IT investments are: analytics and business intelligence; data center infrastructure; ERP; application software development; and cloud computing.
At first glance, Kappelman says he didn’t expect data center infrastructure to be the second-highest spending priority. “At first it seemed surprising, but when you think about it, with all the investment in internal cloud, shared services, big data and analytics, and the fact that, according to our data, 83% of all IT is delivered through in-house capabilities (17% through external, public cloud-type things), it’s no wonder we need more capability to deliver it,” he says. “In reflection it makes perfect sense.”

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