Intricate question

A caller claiming to be from the US Treasury rang..from 323-786-9814 earlier this evening. A nice man identifying himself as “Mr. Williams” proceeded to tell me he was an agent with the US Treasury and that I needed an attorney to deal with the casefile that was open against me; with regards to the legal action that had been initiated against me. He then went on to tell me to that I should call “Mr. Austin Black” at 323-786-9814. Apparently, this Mr. Black was an investigator at the US Treasury department; and would like to talk about this legal investigation against me.

I wanted to tell Mr. Williams about this new-fangled thing called the Internet and maybe even Twitter, but let him play out his script. Just a job, I guess – but I hear impersonating or falsely representing a federal agency can get one into deep trouble.

Speaking of US agencies and phone calls, have you heard about how someone was able to intercept / re-route / record calls made to the Secret Service office and the FBI office in San Francisco? This is the kind of stuff that even the folks at Black Hat won’t do…even with immunity to prosecution.

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