At the CISO Forum 2015

Panelist at the CISO Forum 2015

Panelist at the CISO Forum 2015

Honored to be a panelist at the CISO Forum 2015 today. The session is titled – “Hostile Waters: An Alternative, Risk-Based Perspective on High Profile Breaches”.

Here’s a quick summary of the panel’s focus:

High profile breaches of corporate and government networks and concomitant losses of data, personally identifiable information (PII) or intellectual property (IP) are distressingly common. In the wake of each revelation there’s a demand for attribution and accountability, as if identifying a nation, criminal organization or individual will somehow stanch the information hemorrhage. It won’t. This panel will discuss an alternate view of cybersecurity that focuses on an organization’s understanding of its assets and vulnerabilities, the nature of external threats and a resulting quantitative analysis of its risk profile, which in turn allows resources and mitigations to be precisely applied.

If you’re around, do stop by and say hello.

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