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Banks, hospitals, universities, the post office, the grocery…and now, the underwear store

Hanesbrands Inc. (umbrella firm for various brands including L’eggs, Playtex, Wonderbra, Champion, and Maidenform) stated on Wednesday – June 29, 2015; that a customer order database was breached by a hacker in June 2015, compromising information for about 900,000 online and telephone customers. Yours truly was a customer at that time, and was a part of the folks notified by Hanes.

Customized 404 message at Revived Wire when I tried to look up the PHP File Manager product 1

Nintendo, Nestle, Loreal, Siemens, Oracle amongst many using a vulnerable PHP file manager

Security researcher Sijmen Ruwhof has publicly disclosed a security vulnerability in a PHP file manager used by the likes of Nestle, Siemens, Loreal, 3M, Hilton, T-Mobile and Nintendo; to manage confidential content. The disclosure talks about this content being accessible. The vendor has not responded; but, as of July 29, the Siemens Social Media Team has responded via social media.


July 23 in Lafayette

The July 23 shooting in a movie theater at Lafayette, Louisiana. This article looks at advances in imaging technology and the established example of the Transportation Security Administration to manage high-traffic areas with a view of establishing a security baseline without impacting the user experience.

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